Diversity Dialogues is a collective representing multiple affinity groups, and diversity and inclusion professionals working in the space of inclusion across gender, disability, LGBTQIA and generational diversity. We are a thought leader in the space of inclusion, having evangelised and created various resources for workplaces to implement LGBTQIA inclusion, support various hues of parenting, support mental health and support gender affirmation for transgender employees. Diversity Dialogues has partnered with many organizations on their inclusion journey, and has driven programs with community organizations.

We always:

  • Represent the voice of the community in the areas we consult
  • Bring expertise and passion to the work we do
  • Believe no one solution fits all – we will customize to your needs
  • We walk the talk on inclusion


Understand the overall business strategy to align D&I to the core of the organization

Understand the business needs of diverse communities within and outside the organization

Partner to implement various pillars: Talent, Policies, Benefits, Infrastructure & Culture


Strategic Interventions

Organization-wide interventions that build a foundation framework for inclusion

  • Leadership Alignment
  • Policies & Legislation
  • Inclusive Infrastructure
  • Increasing Representation

Training the Ecosystem

Systemic interventions to ingrain inclusive practices into the ecosystem

  • Inclusive Hiring
  • Inclusive POSH
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Online learning modules

Fostering Communities

Affirmative interventions to ensure diverse communities thrive and excel

  • Talent Development
  • Building Safe Spaces
  • Mental Health & well-being
  • Community Impact (External)
  • Inclusion Diagnostic & Measurement

Engagement with Impact

Enabling a culture shift toward a more engaged, empathetic & inclusive workforce

  • ERG Charters
  • Volunteering
  • 365-day Inclusion
  • Workshop & Dialogues




Madhumitha Venkataraman

D&I Evangelist

Madhumitha has extensive experience in working with multiple diversity groups & has lead diversity and inclusion in large organizations, conglomerates and start up environments like Coca-Cola & Snapdeal. A seasoned HR professional, and a person with disability herself, she has advised with corporates, multiple NGOs and social enterprises in setting up diversity and inclusion focus. Certified in gender & sexuality, sign language and now studying counselling, she is recognised on platforms like Women Economic Forum, World HRD Congress, Orinam for her work in this space.

Aarthi Sivaramakrishnan

Gender Equity Champion

Aarthi is an HR professional with over a decade of experience across Media, FMCG and Consulting. She has led HR in faced paced start ups and has been the brain behind several award winning initiatives to make workplaces conducive and safe for women. Her calling lies in the area of enabling women to remain in the workforce. She has been the recipient of the Women at work leadership award by World HRD Congress and HR Leader award by People Matters.


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